Vernon News / Media

One way to find out what is going on or has happened is via the local media, be it the press or a local station (radio/TV/cable). Vernon has 3 papers that usually are mentioned for getting that information. They are:

NJ Herald – The New Jersey Herald was founded in 1820 and remains the only daily newspaper in Sussex County. It covers the Sussex County area including parts of Warren and Passaic counties in New Jersey, Orange County in New York and Pike County, Pennsylvania. It is a subscription newspaper. It is the official paper of the township for reporting meetings and township required notices. In addition to articles it has advertising and classifieds as well as editiorials and forums/comments on line. In addition to the original paper it may also be viewed on line at:

AdvertiserNewsNorth – is part of StrausNews. It is one of 14 local weekly newspapers and associated websites in contiguous towns in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania published by them. As its name suggests it contains lots of ads for Vernon and the surrounding areas. In addition to it Straus News also publishes Dirt, a magazine covering the local green scene. It is free but one must sign an agreement to receive in order for it to be mailed to you. It usually is available on Thur each week. It has an on line edition that may be viewed at:

In addition to these local papers, with their corresponding on line versions, there is a totally digitial source of local and other news, advertising, classifieds, etc. That source is a relative new comer to the area though not to the game.

The Alternative Press – as its byline (sub-heading) states “Your Neighborhood News Online” provide a locally focused venue. It was founded in 2008 at which time the site covered just two towns.  A few months later another was added and just three years later, covers sixteen towns in New Jersey and is accredited by the New Jersey Press Association. They are committed to all things local – Shop Local – Read Local. Vernon now has a local section covering its local town meetings, events, advertising, and news. To view Vernon’s “local” edition visit:

Vernon also has a presence on a local cable network

S.E.C.. (Service Electric Cable) – In addition to providing cable access to local residents Service Electric provides a free Local Community Bulletin Board and a paid Commercial leased Bulletin Board. Service Electric Cable TV of NJ Public and Leased Access Channel Dial Position 10 where local programs may be viewed. One may access a listing of current local programming at: