They Gave for U.S. lets help save Them

This online fund drive has ended. Thanks to those that helped. A total of $204.50 was raised

Walkill Valley Memorial Post 8441 has been a part of Vernon Township for almost 50 years. Now they are in a position of having to sell their post unless we can step up and heed the call as they all have so bravely done for us as members of our armed services. The post itself has served our community with activities, low cost meals, events including the annual Memorial Day Parade, sponsoring boy scouts, being an inexpensive place for weddings, banquets, and more.

They unfortunately have been besieged by a lost soul, Hurricane Sandy, and now the forced need to hook up to sewers including the cost to hook up, the cost to switch over, and the costs of using it even though they are not hooked up to it yet. They stepped up for us its time we stepped up for them.

Please donate if you can. Only the transaction fees from the credit card companies will be taken out of your pledges. All the rest will go directly to the post to help them get through this.

The collection of funds via this site is in concert with and authorized by Vernons Walkill Valley Memorial VFW Post 8441

In addition to this site one may mail donations directly to the VFW post

VFW - 8441

P.O. Box 414

Vernon, NJ 07462

Walkill Valley Memorial VFW Post-8441 - Thanks you!